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3rd South African Kitesurf Championships 2015

Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

It was a blast joining the South African Championships and some much fun riding all day in all kinds of conditions and hang out with the LiquidForce Cape Town family. So stoked to call Liquid Force Kites my wings to fly. Thanks so much to Luke McGillewie for the warmly welcome to the South African Kitesurfing Association – SAKA. It was an amazing weekend! It begun with lightwind and ended with hectic 35 knots. Here the best riders from all over South Africa came together so the level of riding was just insane! So pretty stoked to manage a spot on the podium.

credits: Mandi Ireland Photography

Beach boys going surfing surfing…

Dienstag, 06. Januar 2015

Welcome to our backyard! It’s a great view from the living room over the beach.
Please leave a message after the beep —> we are gone for a session #hecticday #:)


Donnerstag, 01. Januar 2015

Ready for take off! Cape Town at its best! Enjoying the surf in the city at the first of January!