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Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Welcome KAMEI to the world of kiteboarding! KAMEI GmbH & Co. KG is an old traditional german brand for car supplies like roofboxes. Through their long experiences of over 50 years creating roofboxes and involvement in different kinds of boardsports they provide for me the best possible equipment for traveling around the world with all the gear. It’s impressive how much fits in the „small“ KAMEI Delphin 380! A board, four kites, wetsuits and many more things like bar, pump etc. fit into the roofbox without efforts.

The best thing is the car stays always clean from sand and doesn’t get wet anymore because of the wetsuits. And because of the double lock the equipment is always safely stored, as well as overnight. I’m already looking forward to get as soon as possible on the road again with my new KAMEI Delphin. :)

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Schaufelspeak 3333m // Stubai // Touring // old boys // young guys

Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

The old boys with the young guns on top of the Lüsenser peak in Austria. On a sunny day we decided to enjoy the last snowy days in the alps. We climbed the Lüsenser Peak and still found some lines in good powder. The next days I met Malte and we went to the Stubaier Glacier to climb one of the most impressive peaks around Innsbruck. After a two hours hike we stood on top of the Schaufelspitz 3333 m. „Greetings to all mothers in the world!“, we left in the summit register, because hey, it was still Mother’s Day 2013.  The entrance of the descend is a very steep colouir, 50° steep, after 200 m it flaters out… I still feel the adrenalin watching pictures of the peak like this one on the right. CRAZZZY!   Thanks to Melissa for all the great info about the tour.  ->

Schwerelosigkite Teamedit

Sonntag, 05. Mai 2013

Boxen aufdrehen, in Vollbildmodus stellen und zurücklehnen! Die neue Sommer Kollektion gibts auf

Essaouira // GOOD TIMES // Morocco

Mittwoch, 01. Mai 2013


Essaouira, the city of 1000 blue doors! We just arrived and were another time surprised by the super chilled and friendly atmosphere. Essaouira welcomes us with perfect condicions for 11 m kites. Yummy yummy :) Heaps of travel guides describe Essaouria as a flatwater spot, but Essaouria definitely offers more than that! It is a bay but still the waves enter clean and sorted. At the south end of the bay flows a river into the Atlantic and produces a really nice lagoon. We were lucky to witness one of the random fullmoon nights with wind. Moon shine transformed the beach into a sea of lights. I already can’t wait to come back. See you soon Essaouira!haha