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Snowkite Championships 2013

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

In two weeks will be the next int. Snowkite Championchips in Reschen for the 6th time now. Almost 30 riders entered already.

Latest news from the organizers occurred that there will be a change of disciplines

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Kiteboarding Jan/Feb 2013 – night rail-

Sonntag, 06. Januar 2013

… feel how it is to ride through the night and be hit by a flashlight. Your dilated pupils contract, you screw up yours eyes and in the next seconds you just wish to be able to see again the landing … luckly this time just a butt shot :)
#Night-Rail# #in the latest Kiteboarding Magazine# #Kegnaes # by Jens Hogenkamp # you like it #

Zalando cataloug shoot

Sonntag, 06. Januar 2013

I spend this spring with the sport division of in Verbier to shoot for the latest winter cataloug 12/13. It was heaps of fun to shred the hole day in the gigantic park of Verbier and change almost 1000 times the outerwear… :) hope you enjoy the winter images and the latest cataloug attached to the Transworld Snowboard Magazine!