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Montag, 27. August 2012

The big adventure „roundtrip through spain“ just started. On our way we passed the Haute Alps, the Provence, the Pyrenees, the French Riviera and the Costa Brava. During our drive through the Alps we always searched for wind. We were at the Como lake, Lac du serre poncon and a few smaller ones to get some session. But unfortunately we had no luck. So instead of kiting we climbed a lot of rocks… Finally we are in spain and it is windy! OLÉ

XCEL – Sustainability ad

Mittwoch, 15. August 2012



Xcel constantly strives to minimize our impact on the environ- ment, from greener product features to cleaner operational decisions. Our initiatives include earth-friendlier fabrics and wetsuit materials; manufacturing processes; and choosing solar power at our Haleiwa, Hawaii headquarters.


Xcel or  Xcel

We developed ThermoCarbon/ThermoBamboo to deliver both performance and environmental benefits. This neoprene lining, found in most of our Surf and Dive wetsuits, is made of a blend of bamboo-charcoal infused fibers, and recycled fibers… click here !