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First impression Reschen 2012

Freitag, 06. Januar 2012

Johannes Spaeth recently set himself a goal: to film a new snowkiting movie. He, Marian Hund, Simone, Fabi Oberhofer and I met, therefore, in Reschen, Italy to test some set ups and camera angles. For more info about the project have a look at Jo’s page:

These pictures, taken with a Rollei Bullet HD, show this year’s first impressions of the final contest area of the Snowkite Championships. At the moment there’s an awesome 12 meter box on piste and not far away, right next to main street, is a small hill which you can just about ride like a wave. It has been two fun-filled and chilled days at Reschen. Thanks so much to Simone for her hospitality and Ricki for his help.